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Managing the Pace of Change in Healthcare

BioCeuticals had been a leader in the complementary and integrated medicine spaces for more than two decades. Year-on-year growth was still strong, but BioCeuticals knew it had to change its approach to how it managed its portfolio and customers.

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Changing the view on sales and advocacy

The integrated medicines space is rapidly changing. Bioceuticals needed to develop a new approach that recognised the current, and anticipated the future, patterns of purchase and recommendation. To achieve this, we undertook big data modelling and ran an in-depth study with practitioners and sales reps.

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A Roadmap for the future

We reviewed Bioceuticals’ business and customer portfolio management strategy to build a three-year roadmap for growth.

That roadmap includes:

  • Service Proposition
  • NPS Benchmarking
  • Customer Onboarding Journey
  • Master Product & Sales Strategy
  • Practitioner Re-Engagement Campaign
  • Loyalty Proposition
  • Expert Panel Group
  • Sales Team Re-Alignment
  • Website and Customer Portal
  • Customer Experience CRM Re-Alignment